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The Iconic Etcetra Chair-Kollekt

The Iconic Etcetra Chair-Kollekt

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Introducing the Iconic Etcetra Chair in Classic Beige, Klein Blue, and Ambre. This timeless design, originally introduced by Jan Ekselius in the 1970s, has been meticulously recreated to capture the essence of its original allure.

Crafted with utmost precision, the Etcetra Chair boasts a solid metal frame that ensures durability and stability. The chair's internal structure, recreated through extensive research and sampling, closely mirrors the original design, while the external finesse adds an exquisite touch.

Experience unrivaled comfort with the Etcetra Chair, featuring elastic bands and premium foam padding that conform to your body's contours. The upholstery is luxuriously crafted in suede and allows you to choose from a range of captivating colors, so you can personalize your chair to match your unique style and decor.

Immerse yourself in the charm and sophistication of the Iconic Etcetra Chair, meticulously crafted to honor its legacy while offering a touch of contemporary elegance. Elevate your space with this iconic piece, exclusively available for you to enjoy.


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